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Corkystem Passionflower

The Corkystem Passionflower: A Butterfly Buffet in Your Garden

The Corkystem Passionflower (Passiflora suberosa) might not be the flashiest flower, but it’s a butterfly magnet! This low-growing vine, native to Florida, entices butterflies with its blooms while remaining a low-maintenance favorite for gardeners.

A Haven for Pollinators:

• Butterfly Buffet: Watch your garden come alive as Zebra Longwing, Gulf Fritillary, and Julia butterflies flit among the Corkystem Passionflower’s blooms, using them as a vital food source for their larvae.
• Bee-lieve in Native Plants: The passionflower’s unique flowers attract native bees, its primary pollinators, ensuring a healthy ecosystem in your garden.
• Birds Love Them Too: Ripened fruits provide a tasty treat for feathered visitors.

Versatile and Easy Care:

• Groundcover or Climbing Vine: The Corkystem Passionflower adapts to your needs, offering beautiful groundcover or scaling a trellis or tree.
• Sun or Shade: Partial shade or full sun, this vine thrives in a variety of lighting conditions.
• Drought Tolerant: Once established, the Corkystem Passionflower handles dry spells like a champ, making it perfect for our climate.

A Note on the Fruit:

Technically edible, the fruit’s flavor may not be for everyone. But for the butterflies and birds in your garden, it’s a delightful treat!

Embrace Florida's Native Beauty:

The Corkystem Passionflower is a fantastic alternative to non-native plants. Add this butterfly haven to your garden and support the local ecosystem!
Stay tuned for more posts featuring captivating native plants!


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