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Florida’s Sunshine State Wildflower: The Endearing Tickseed

Calling all butterfly enthusiasts! Meet the Florida Tickseed (Coreopsis floridana), the Sunshine State’s official wildflower and a magnet for pollinators.

This endemic wildflower thrives in wet pinelands, prairies, and even roadside ditches. Blooming from late summer through early winter, and potentially year-round, it brings a burst of sunshine to your garden with its bright yellow flowers.

A Haven for Pollinators:

Butterflies find the Florida Tickseed irresistible! The cheerful blooms provide nectar for a variety of butterfly species, making your garden a haven for fluttering friends.

Planting Tips:

• Location: Full sun is ideal, along with consistently moist soil. Wetland edges are a perfect natural fit.
• Containers: Enjoy the beauty on your patio by planting Tickseed in a pot with poor drainage (it doesn’t like to dry out completely).
• No to Drought: While beautiful, this wildflower isn’t drought tolerant.
• Salty Sprays Beware: Florida Tickseed isn’t a fan of salty conditions, so avoid planting it near the coast.

Embrace the Endemic:

The Florida Tickseed is a fantastic way to add a touch of local flair to your garden. Choose a native wildflower and support the state’s ecosystem!
Stay tuned for more posts featuring captivating native plants!


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