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Pineland Lantana

A Burst of Sunshine for Butterflies:
Plant Pineland Lantana in Your Miami Garden! (But Beware the Hybrids)

Looking for a charming and low-maintenance way to add a touch of sunshine and butterfly activity to your Miami garden? Look no further than the captivating Pineland Lantana (Lantana depressa)! This slow-growing but rewarding shrub boasts vibrant blooms that attract a variety of butterflies, making it a perfect addition to any butterfly haven.

A Burst of Color for Borders and Beyond:

Pineland Lantana lives up to its name with bright yellow or white flowers that add a cheerful pop of color to borders, flower beds, and container plantings. Imagine a sunny cascade of blooms brightening up your garden and bringing a smile to your face!

A Butterfly Buffet:

More than just beautiful, Pineland Lantana is a butterfly magnet. The colorful flowers attract a variety of butterfly species, transforming your garden into a flutter with activity. Witness these delicate creatures flitting among the blooms, adding a touch of magic to your outdoor space.

Tailored for Miami's Sunshine:

Pineland Lantana thrives in South Florida’s sunny climate, with specific soil requirements that ensure its health:
• Full Sun is a Must: This plant requires full sun for optimal growth and the most vibrant blooms.
• Well-Drained Limestone Soil: Pineland Lantana prefers moist, well-drained limestone soils with little to no humus. This may require some adjustments to your existing garden beds for optimal results.

Pineland Lantana vs. Lantana Camara: Know the Difference!

While Pineland Lantana is a beautiful and butterfly-friendly choice, it’s important to be aware of a look-alike: Lantana Camara. This non-native Lantana is often sold at big box stores and can hybridize with Pineland Lantana, potentially harming the native plant population. Here’s how to tell them apart:
• Flower Color: Pineland Lantana has bright yellow or white flowers, while Lantana Camara boasts a wider range of colors, including orange, red, and pink.
• Leaf Size: Pineland Lantana has smaller leaves compared to Lantana Camara.

Find Your Perfect Native Pineland Lantana at Flora of Miami Garden Center!

Here at Flora of Miami, we only sell native Pineland Lantana to ensure you’re getting the right plant for your Miami garden and supporting the local ecosystem. While Pineland Lantana may take a little longer to reach full size than some plants, its beauty and ability to attract butterflies make it a worthwhile investment.
Stop by Flora of Miami today! Our knowledgeable garden experts can help you choose the perfect native Pineland Lantana for your garden and provide guidance on ensuring it thrives in your Miami landscape. We offer a variety of healthy Pineland Lantana plants, so you can create a butterfly haven no matter the size of your garden. Let’s add a touch of sunshine and fluttering friends to your outdoor space together!


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