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Let it Leaf!

Here at Flora of Miami, we know that the blooming season is a beautiful time in Miami, but it can also bring a chore some dread: raking leaves and leaf blower noise!! But what if we told you leaving those leaves can actually benefit your garden? It’s true! Here’s why you might consider skipping leaf blower 

A Haven for Helpers:

Fallen leaves create a mini-ecosystem teeming with life! Butterflies, native bees and even earthworms all find shelter and food within the leaf litter. By removing them, you disrupt their homes and eliminate beneficial insects that help control garden pests.

A Mulch Masterclass:

Leaves make fantastic mulch! They suppress weeds, regulate soil temperature, and create a neat, uniform appearance in your garden. As they break down, they release essential nutrients back into the soil, enriching it for your plants. They’re perfect for hard-to-mow areas and shady spots, too. Plus, you’ll save time and avoid the noise and pollution of leaf blowers, so your neighbors can sleep past 8am. 

Embrace the “Let it Leaf” Philosophy:

So, consider leaving the leaves where they fall. You’ll be creating a haven for wildlife, enriching your soil naturally, and giving your garden a helping hand – all while saving time and effort. Visit Flora of Miami today! We have a wide variety of plants and tools to help you create a beautiful, sustainable landscape. Let’s embrace the beauty of fall together!

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