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Wild Coffee

Wild Coffee: Florida’s Enchanting Native Shrub with a Twist

Not Your Morning Cup, But a Beautiful Garden Gem:

The Wild Coffee (Psychotria nervosa) is a captivating Florida native shrub that will add a touch of elegance to your landscape. While its berries won’t give you a caffeine kick, its evergreen beauty and wildlife appeal make it a standout.

A Year-Round Bloomer:

This low-maintenance shrub boasts attractive white flowers throughout spring and summer, and may even bloom year-round. These blooms attract a variety of pollinators, creating a buzz of activity in your garden, especially for Atala and Schaus’ swallowtail butterflies.

A Feast for Birds and Beyond:

The bright red fruits that follow the blooms are a favorite treat for birds and small wildlife. Humans can enjoy them too, though the flavor is mild.

A Word on the "Coffee":

Unlike its close relative, the coffee bean plant (Coffea arabica), Wild Coffee berries contain no caffeine. The roasted seeds can be brewed as a coffee substitute, but be cautious – some report it may cause headaches.

Planting Tips:

• Location: Wild Coffee prefers dappled shade or partial sun. Avoid harsh direct sunlight.
• Salt and Drought Tolerance: Handles moderate salt spray and some dry spells well.
• Not Cold Hardy: Protect it from freezing temperatures.
• Planting Ideas: Showcase Wild Coffee as a specimen plant or use several together for a loose hedge.

Embrace the Native Choice:

Wild Coffee is a fantastic alternative to non-native plants. Add a touch of local flair to your garden and support the local ecosystem!
Stay tuned for more posts featuring captivating native plants!


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