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Simpson Stopper

The Simpson Stopper: A Versatile Florida Native for Your Landscap

The Simpson Stopper (Myrcianthes fragrans) is a Florida favorite that offers year-round beauty, attracts butterflies and birds, and is surprisingly easy to care for. This versatile native shrub or small tree can be a fantastic addition to your Miami garden.

A Showstopper in Every Season:

The Simpson Stopper’s evergreen foliage ensures your garden stays vibrant throughout the year. New growth boasts a delightful contrast, emerging in a range of colors from pale chartreuse to deep wine before maturing to a rich green. The naturally exfoliating bark adds further visual interest, revealing reddish-brown tones.

Aromatic Delights and Fragrant Blooms:

When crushed, the Simpson Stopper’s leaves release a pleasant spicy/citrusy scent, reminiscent of nutmeg. Adding to its sensory appeal, springtime brings clusters of small, white, fragrant flowers. These fragrant blooms transform into bright orange-yellow berries later in the season, attracting a variety of birds to your garden.

A Butterfly Buffet and Bird Bonanza:

The fragrant flowers of the Simpson Stopper aren’t just beautiful – they’re a magnet for butterflies! This native plant provides a vital food source, making your garden a haven for these fluttering friends. Once the flowers transform into berries, they become a tasty treat for feathered visitors, creating a lively atmosphere in your outdoor space.

Sun or Shade, This Plant Adapts:

The Simpson Stopper is a remarkably adaptable plant. When planted in full sun, it forms a densely growing shrub, perfect for creating a hedge. In partial shade, it maintains a more open growth habit. This flexibility allows you to incorporate it into various parts of your garden.

Low-Maintenance Delight:

Here’s the best part: the Simpson Stopper is a low-maintenance plant! It’s drought tolerant, meaning you won’t need to worry about constant watering, and moderately salt tolerant, making it suitable for coastal gardens. It even thrives in less-than-ideal soil conditions.

Planting Perfection:

Sunshine or Partial Shade: The Simpson Stopper adapts to your garden’s lighting conditions.
Hedge or Specimen Planting: This versatile plant can function as a privacy hedge or a standalone accent piece.
Grouped for Impact: Plant several Simpson Stoppers together to create a vibrant border or a colorful groundcover.

Embrace the Native Choice:

The Simpson Stopper is a fantastic alternative to non-native plants. By choosing this Florida native, you’re supporting the local ecosystem and creating a beautiful, low-maintenance garden that attracts butterflies and birds.
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