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Scaleleaf Aster

The Unassuming Beauty: Scaleleaf Aster – A Late-Blooming Gem

Don’t let its name fool you! The Scaleleaf Aster (Symphyotrichum adnatum) may appear understated, but come fall and winter, it transforms into a captivating wildflower.

A Late-Blooming Surprise:

This Florida native thrives in pine flatwoods and sandhills. While its green foliage might blend in throughout the year, late fall and early winter bring a breathtaking display of periwinkle blooms, resembling cheerful daisies.

A Feast for Pollinators:

The vibrant blooms aren’t just beautiful – they’re a magnet for pollinators! Bees, in particular, find the Scaleleaf Aster irresistible, making it a valuable addition to any pollinator-friendly garden.

Easy-Care and Adaptable:

• Sun Worshipper: Full sun is ideal for this low-maintenance wildflower.
• Naturalistic Appeal: The Scaleleaf Aster thrives in natural landscapes and restoration projects, where it can sprawl freely.
• Drought Tolerance: It handles dry spells well, but consistent moisture is best.
• Water Wise: Avoid prolonged flooding, and keep it away from saltwater environments.

Embrace the Native Choice:

The Scaleleaf Aster is a fantastic alternative to non-native plants. Add a touch of local beauty to your garden and support the local ecosystem!
Stay tuned for more posts featuring captivating native plants!


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