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Jamaican Caper

Bring a Touch of the Caribbean to Your Garden with the Jamaican Caper!

Unveiling a Florida Favorite:

Here at Flora of Miami we’re passionate about introducing you to captivating Florida native plants. Today’s spotlight shines on the Jamaican Caper (Capparis cynophallophora), a small evergreen tree or large shrub that offers a unique blend of beauty, drought tolerance, and potential culinary applications.

A Showstopping Display:

The Jamaican Caper stuns with its glossy, oval-shaped evergreen foliage, adding a touch of the tropics to your landscape year-round. But wait until spring and summer arrive! The tree explodes with clusters of large, showy flowers, transforming your garden into a visual paradise. These white blooms, which quickly turn a delicate pink, boast long purple stamens, creating a truly breathtaking display.

Beyond Beauty: A Potential Culinary Adventure

The Jamaican Caper isn’t just a feast for the eyes – it might tantalize your taste buds too! For the adventurous home chef, certain parts of the plant are edible. Important note: Proper identification is crucial before consuming any part. Our friendly staff at Flora of Miami can help you identify the plant and recommend reliable sources for preparation instructions, as some parts can be mildly toxic if not prepared correctly.
Here are some potential culinary uses:
• Pickled Caper Buds: The flower buds can be pickled like traditional capers, adding a unique piquant flavor to your dishes.
• Green Bean Delight: Enjoy the large seed pods when immature for a green bean-like taste sensation.

A Garden Gem for Every Need:

The Jamaican Caper’s versatility extends to its functionality in your garden design:
• Low-Maintenance Marvel: This Florida native thrives in our sunny climate, even during dry spells, making it a perfect choice for busy gardeners.
• Sun or Shade Adaptable: The Jamaican Caper flourishes in full sun to partial shade, offering you flexibility in your garden design.
• Hedge or Container Star: This plant transitions well from a small tree to a large shrub. Use it for privacy hedges, standalone accent pieces, or create a vibrant container display on your patio.

A Haven for Pollinators:

The Jamaican Caper isn’t just beautiful – it supports the local ecosystem! The showy flowers attract butterflies and bees, while the foliage serves as a host plant for the Florida white butterfly larvae.

Welcome the Jamaican Caper to Your Garden Today!

Stop by Flora of Miami and let our knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect Jamaican Caper for your garden. We can provide expert advice on planting, care, and even the potential culinary applications of this unique Florida native.
Bring a touch of the Caribbean to your landscape, enjoy the vibrant blooms, and embark on a potential culinary adventure – all with the Jamaican Caper!


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